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About us

Who we are

Developing countries like Indonesia are characterized by extreme contrasts, especially regarding the available ressources. Only a small percentage of the population benefit from the economic growth and some regions are still strongly underprivileged. As in many cases, the children are the ones suffering most from poverty. However, a proper education would be the most promising means to escape from the poverty gap in the future.
Against this background we decided to found „Education for Indonesia e.V“ back in the year 2007.  The primary goal of our organization was to improve the education situation of children from poor families and neighborhoods in Indonesia. According to the theme „Education – a give and take“ our students are trying to give back to the community in Bali and the neighboring regions.

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What we do

In Indonesia, a significant number of families with kids live below the official poverty line. Especially orphans and children from very poor families often do not get the chance to take part in the education system. Orphanages that try to offer a basic education to the kids rarely dispose of the necessary resources. Many schools lack even a baisc infrastructure like a roof, tables and chairs or a black

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