What we do

In Indonesia, a significant number of families with kids live below the official poverty line. Especially orphans and children from very poor families often do not get the chance to take part in the education system. Orphanages that try to offer a basic education to the kids rarely dispose of the necessary resources. Many schools lack even a baisc infrastructure like a roof, tables and chairs or a blackboard.

Our central goal is to improve the situation in institutions related to education in Indonesia and to enable kids from poor families and orphans to access these institutions. In the past we have realized various projects ranging from short-term support like equipping schools with furniture or school materials up to long-term projects like renovation of school buildings and continuously supporting institutions with basic goods like rice and clothing for the kids.

Our strengths

  • Effectiveness: Due to the small size of our organization we are able to always acquire up to date information about institutions in need and act quickly.

  • Efficiency: 100% of the donations are passed on to the recipients, all persons involved work on a voluntary basis!

  • Trust: No possibility of corruption- we do not hand over money, only material donations like furniture, clothing, books or food. Long-term projects like renovations of buildings are monitored by our teams on location.

  • Transparency: all projects are documented on a regular basis and information about current projects is provided on our homepage.

  • Consictency: Education- a give and take! Is our underlying concept. On the one hand the students develop their own personality and soft skills through working on social projects in a developing country and on the other hand they are directly able to contribute to improving the education of poor children and orphans in Indonesia.